We help startups to succeed

Every startup begins as an idea in founder's head. A lot of work is required for that idea to become a reality. Our company helps founders by augmenting their team with the required specialists.

Helping the startups is our mission.

How does it work?

initial phase

During the initial phase we can add value with feasibility analysis or cost estimation.


The next step is the implementation, where we provide development and QA services.


When the first version of the project is live then we help in monitoring and troubleshooting the production issues.

What can we do?

Google cloud consulting and support
We use Google Cloud since 2013. We experienced first hand the enormous development of this platform. We were with our clients through this journey.
Big data and AI pipelines
Gathering and processing large quantities of data is one of the most common use cases for our clients. Everybody wants to collect data in a secure and reliable way.
Web development
It is difficult to imagine a startup today without some kind of web presence. For many of them a web application is a critical part of their offering.
Map application
Using map data on the web opens a lot of opportunities for startups.

Who worked with us?