We help startups to succeed

Every startup begins as an idea in founder's head. A lot of work is required for that idea to become a reality. Our company helps founders by augmenting their team with the required specialists.

Helping the startups is our mission.

During the initial phase we can add value with feasability analysis or cost estimation. The next step is the implementation, where we provide development and QA services. When the first version of the project is live then we help in monitoring and troubleshooting the production issues.

Google cloud consulting and support

We use Google Cloud since 2013. We experienced first hand the enourmous development of this platform. We were with our clients through this journey.

Over the time we built a team of experienced specialists which know how to use Google Cloud effectively.

Our company is a Google Cloud partner. Google Cloud Partner logo

We can help in the following areas:

  • Designing and optimizing the architecture of the solution
  • Guiding the implementation of security best practices
  • Monitoring production systems
  • Investigating production issues

Spotlight client: Formplus

Formplus is a company helping its users to automate the data collection and processing. As it is a very flexible tool, supporting multiple 3rd party integrations, there are many challanges in ensuring the reliability of such a complex system.

Currently we help their in house team to optimize the architecture of the system and investigate incidents.

We work together since 2015.

Big data and AI pipelines

Gathering and processing large quantities of data is one of the most common use cases for our clients. Everybody wants to collect data in a secure and reliable way.

We have a lot of experience with most important data tools available in Google Cloud, from Cloud Storage and BigQuery to Dataflow and Vertex AI.

We can help you to put the following workloads in the cloud:

  • Extracting and linking data from different sources: files, databases, external APIs
  • Batch and real time processing
  • Integrating with Google Cloud AI services like Cloud Translation, Cloud Natural Language, Vision AI etc.
  • Training and hosting your custom models on Vertex AI

Spotlight client: Workometry

Workometry provides open text analysis services for employers. It specializes in extracting useful insights from employee survey data. In order to do that Workometry builds a specialized model for every survey question.

We implemented their data processing system which uses a creative mix of automatic and manual steps.

We work together since 2015.

Web development

It is difficult to imagine a startup today without some kind of web presence. For many of them a web application is a critical part of their offering.

We specialize in building single page applications based on modern web standards.

We utilize Vue.js and NuxtJS Javascript frameworks and Vuetify material design components.

    Spotlight client: Sweeplift

    Sweeplift helps its clients to pre-test their ad creatives with different audiences on Facebook, Google and other platforms. At the heart of it is a complex web application supporting quick provisioning of sweepstakes websites. These websites are used to ask audience members about their preferences regarding the ad creatives.

    We help to build this system since 2020.

    Map applications

    Using map data on the web opens a lot of opportunities for startups.

    We are engaged in map related web development for many years. We have experience in integrating Google Maps and Mapbox. We can also help developing Geotab plugins.

      Spotlight client: Farmapper

      Farmapper is a mapping application for the agricultural industry. It helps the users to collect, store and exchange the data about the farms. It supports automatic data retrieval from US land surveys, USDA NASS service and other sources.

      We help to build this application since 2015.